Hip Extensions; 2. You begin with the barbell on your back as if you are at the top of a squatting position. If this is a new movement for you, begin with very light weights as it can be very challenging. Concentration Curls - The Best Preacher Curl Alternative This movement is the closest it gets to a dumbbell preacher curl, without the preacher station. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Engage your hamstrings and curl your feet towards your hips, sliding the pads or cloths along the floor. You only need one dumbbell of appropriate weight to perform this exercise. You should have the edge of the surface in the line with the crease of your hips, when bent. The best part about it, is that it challenges you adequately without placing stress on your knees or lower back. Sumo Squat to Stand; 5. Once you reach your end point, start walking (on your heels) slowly back towards your body until you reach starting position. Hold for a second whilst in the bottom position of the exercise and then return to starting position by pushing back upwards through the heel of your front foot. A mixed grip is common, but go with what you are used to and comfortable with. Lie on your back with your knees bent just over 90-degrees and your feet flat on the floor. Pro tip: load them up! However, these machines do nothing to strengthen your glutes which increases your risk of hamstring and knee-related injuries. Start slow! How to do Lying Leg Curl: Step 1: Lie down on a leg curl machine with the pad on the back of your legs. This exercise delivers. These machines don’t work very well and we spend a lot of time sitting at work, we don’t need to do more at the gym! Grip the bar on extended arms, shoulder-width apart. Without collapsing through your chest (keep upright), engage your core and then bend both your front and back knee to lower yourself into a deep lunge. Rest assured, there are! Lower yourself down into a lunge by bending both of your knees – make sure your torso stays upright (that you don’t collapse through the chest). Alternative to Lying Leg Curls? Forget James and the leg curl machine and check out this list of the Top 13 alternatives to leg curls to do at home and in the gym. This lying leg curl substitute can easily be done by utilizing a dumbbell. The movement of this exercise resembles that of standing up from the bed in the morning, hence the name good mornings. You grasp the handle with both hands, pull it back behind you, and then swing the bell up in front of you, not going much higher than shoulder height. This exercise is easy to get right but is not easy on your hamstrings! This exercise is not always the easiest for many people -- your hamstrings and ankles might not be accustomed to lifting heavy objects. For instance, you get kneel flat on a mat and have a partner hold down the heels of your feet. Complete your reps slowly, and make sure you always have a firm hold on the dumbbell. This version of the Deadlift requires maximum output from your hamstrings (amongst everything else) and deserves the good wrap it has. From here, lift your knees until your thighs are parallel with the ground and your glutes and hamstrings are fully engaged. Begin standing upright with your feet together. Once you reach the end of your curl motion (beyond a 90-degree bend in your knees), straighten your legs to return to starting position. When your back is parallel to the ground, return to the starting position. You can also try the lift with dumbbells, which can allow you to try single and double leg variations. Do all your reps on one side, then switch sides. The forward lunge does not have a powerful impact on your body as the reverse lunges do. Your only options would be to change the tempo of the lift or alter your set and rep schemes. Take a few hops forward to create a wide split stance starting position. Well, make sure you read this blog post to the very end because you’re about to discover the muscles worked by the lying leg curl, how to do them, and a number of effective alternatives if you don’t have access to a machine. You could also accomplish this by standing on a box or other platform, forcing you to reach down lower to get the barbell. Start in a kneeling position with your feet anchored down firmly. Without flexing further at the knees, keep a neutral spine and lower the bar down your legs by. Here I’ll explain which muscles each alternative to leg curls work, what equipment if any is needed, and then I’ll explain how to do them correctly. These are all equipment-free exercises so you can do them home. Begin with your legs touching the bar with your feet positioned wide – towards the collars. You begin lying down on your back, with the heels of your feet resting on the top of the stability ball. Top 13 Seated & Lying Leg Curl Alternatives. If need be, tuck your fingers underneath the front of your shoes. Begin square on your hands and knees with a flat back. The seated leg curl, as the name suggests, is the seated version of the basic leg curl used for isolating the hamstrings. Suggested repetitions: 10 to 12 on each leg. The single leg Romanian deadlift has the added benefit of working on core stability, in addition to hitting your leg muscles. Although they are one of the most common ways to work your hamstrings, leg curls require a large and often expensive resistance-training machine. You may need to try it with a bit of assistance the first time round, which you can use a BOSU Ball for. Dumbbell or kettlebell swings are a very versatile exercise and they can be used to target the hamstring muscles. This is a unilateral exercise that requires all repetitions to be done on one side before changing sides. I'm Carla - a personal trainer, kickboxer and fitness nerd. Are there leg curl alternatives that effectively target these major muscles? Even a barbell works. Without moving your hands, extend through the knees, straightening your legs and sending your hips towards the ceiling. By using a barbell, it is easy to adjust the resistance and it will work the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. [Read more…] about Lying Leg Curls: Muscles Worked, How To, & … You lower yourself down to parallel to the ground or slightly further, and then raise up trying to use only your hamstring and glute muscles. As the name suggests, this one kicks your stabilizers into action! Note, the closer your heels are to your hips, the more tension you will feel on your glutes. This is another leg curl alternative that does not require any special gym equipment. Not everyone has access to the expensive machine that is needed to perform these exercises, though. Don’t put your hips back on the ground in between repetitions. Here are 5 of the best exercises that can be used as machine leg curl alternatives. These exercises are listed because they all target the hamstrings, even if it isn’t quite in the same way as lying or seated leg curls. This exercise is better suited to the more seasoned lifter, as it requires control and a general level of strength that is built over time. Pro tip: if you’re up for an extra challenge, you can also try this exercise on an incline bench, for extra range of movement! This will hit your hamstrings and other leg muscles in a more unique way. Pro tip: try these with your upper body elevated. Foot pads exist for this very purpose, but any material/cloth will do the trick! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a soft bend in your knees – this is your starting position. This exercise is demonstrated below using a glute ham machine, although there are other ways to perform it. The Best Leg Curls Without A Machine. Then return to starting position by hinging at your hips, and then bending through your knees. You need a stability ball to perform this exercise. You can achieve this by resting your upper back on a bench before driving your hips upwards into extension. You need to have some sort of cloth under your feet and be able to slide it over the floor. Pro tip: time under tension is everything. However, this leg curl alternative is more of a stretch than a high-intensity workout. Once you reach full extension, or as much as your hamstrings can handle, return to starting position. It’s important to keep them strong and conditioned. An alternative to the seated leg curl, the lying leg curl will work the hamstrings, glutes, shines, and calves. Leg curls on a machine work the calves and hamstrings. Have a dumbbell in each hand or a barbell across your back for some added resistance! Return to starting position and then step backwards into your next reverse lunge on your other leg. Many personal trainers eschew machine exercises because of their inherent noncompound design, but the leg curl is an exception. Equipment needed: Olympic barbell and some lifting pads/mats (optional). Pull up your hip into a full extension. Equipment needed: dumbbell/barbell (optional). This post may use affiliate links. Before we get into the list of hamstring curl alternatives, I want to shed some light on the importance of having strong and well-conditioned hamstrings. As an alternative to the gym exercise, doing lying leg curls at home has proven to be more challenging than the old-fashioned machine. From here, sit your hips further down, engage through your lats, drive through the floor, and lift the bar to your knees before starting to straighten out at your knees and hips. Popular for building strong and shapely hamstrings, the leg curl machine never goes astray in any serious lower body workout regime. Copyright 2014-2019 by Postema Performance. This exercise will isolate your hamstrings and legs greatly. Dumbbell Lying Leg Curls; 9. Stability ball hamstring curls follow the same movement pattern as the leg curl machine provides, and therefore, makes for a perfect at-home lying leg curl substitute. Hold the bar in a neutral, overhand grip. Your end of range is when you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, or you are unable to maintain a neutral spine (whatever comes first). The important aspect of this exercise is your back leg. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If weighted with dumbbells or a barbell, try 8 to 12. I've changed to a lower/upper split workout. In this lying leg curl alternative, the hamstring ball curl ins create a piked-hip position. Pushing through your heels, lift your hips and back off the ground (as one unit) so that only your upper back and shoulders are left on the ground. Reverse hyperextensions are an amazing accessory exercise that develop your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings all at once! Before we get in to the movements, one other option is to skip leg curls entirely. Lie on your back with your arms resting on the floor by your sides, palms facing down. Dumbbell Lying Leg Curl If you have dumbbells, then this lying hamstring curl alternative can conveniently replicate the movement of leg curl machine but with barer bones approach. Sign up below for free instant access to a pdf report from vertical jump expert Jacob Hiller on how you may be able to increase your vertical jump by up to 2-6 inches in just 45 minutes! With the legs being almost completely straight, you should feel this work the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. If you’re on the lookout for some barbells to complete your home gym (and complete this exercise), here is some good advice. This exercise is difficult. Alternative Exercises to Leg Curls. 7 Great Tricep Pushdown Alternatives for Your Workout. You can also use a dumbbell in place of kettlebell. Start with your feet close to the ground and from here lift the dumbbell, by bending your knees and contracting your hamstrings. 8 Tips to Protect Your Joints While Exercising 15245 VIEWS. Using any of these leg curl alternatives can give you all of the benefits of a machine and more. WorkoutDigest is not associated with CrossFit.com. Ok, so lunges ain’t no leg curl. And in this article, I’m going to be sharing a bunch of the best ones with you! I believe that everyone should be able to stay fit, even if they can't afford a gym membership. Alternative Reverse Lunges. To spice it up a little, once you have completed your rep range, add a few bonus repetitions that involve small pulse movements from parallel to the ground and upwards. Leg Curl Alternatives. Lift one leg up onto a bench or ledge behind you (rest your foot on the ledge on your toes). Pro tip: the standard version of this exercise sees you lifting your bent leg from the ground until your thigh is parallel with the floor. This position provides just the right angle to really work the hamstrings and strength the lower back without adding stress on your knee joint. This exercise won’t work on carpet or a rough surface. This exercise is not preferable for beginners as it does require a significant amount of core and lower body strength to be able to perform it without injuring your lower back. Suggested repetitions: The amount of reps you perform would be entirely up to your current level of strength and conditioning. Not having access to a leg curl machine is no reason to neglect your hamstrings. These can be a great finisher to a workout because they make it easy to use different weights and they work your posterior chain, core, and can challenge your conditioning. You can use a. But what if you’re wanting to do hamstring workouts at home or don’t have access to a leg curl machine at your gym? In this case, stability ball hamstring curls, reverse hypers, and bodyweight GHRs outperformed the lying leg curl machine. Hamstring Walk Outs; 6. Substitutes for Leg Curls. How to: Lying Leg Curl With a Dumbbell at Home. Hamstrings Walk Outs is the exercise is the best alternative for lying leg curls. Keep your repetitions slow and controlled. There are several alternative ways to work your hamstrings, the muscles located on the … Whilst a few lower body muscles come into play with this exercise, your stabilization will come from your hamstrings. These substitutes could be better or worse for you depending on what your training goals are. Step 2: Stretch your legs out fully and grasp the side handles of the machine, keeping your torso flat on the bench as you do so. This exercise makes for the perfect replacement to the leg curl machine. Comments are off this post! This exercise will also challenge your core, but the emphasis should be on your hamstrings. Below are your 3 best options for doing leg curls without a machine. Pro tip: Roll up a towel and squeeze it between your upper thighs whilst doing your sliding leg curls. I would happily ditch the machines for this seated leg curl alternative. Now we’ve seen some variations on the traditional leg curl, let’s look at some alternative movements that will stimulate your hamstrings and posterior chain through a mixture of different stimuli and angles. © 2016–2021 TheWorkoutDigest.com - All Rights Reserved TheWorkoutDigest.com is designed for informational purposes only & DOES NOT provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. This bent leg version keeps your hamstrings contracted and, therefore, places a primary focus on them throughout the movement. By tweaking the exercise slightly, you can make it more glute focussed or more hamstring focussed. It’s important to take this one slow as it does take your hamstrings into full extension. Rather than the weight being in front of your body during deadlifts, your body is in the middle of the Hex bar. At-home exercises can always be a little more tricky – you need to get creative. If you are looking for an alternative to leg curls, either because you don’t have access to a machine or because you prefer to add some variety in your training, any of these 5 lifts would work great. That's why I volunteer with inner-city youth programs and share training advice online. Form is key! Working on your hamstring strength not only improves your athletic performance but will assist in better biomechanics (keeping you comfortable in movement) and prevent injury. Have your feet, ankles and lower legs resting on the stability ball. An adequate warm up is required prior to testing this one out. While the gliding leg curl doesn’t require a standard leg curl machine, it does require a barbell with multiple pin attachments and a standard weight bench. The lighter weight typically used with dumbbells may help to better simulate a lying leg curl than other exercises on the list. Good mornings are a great exercise for the entire posterior chain and can be a very useful replacement for a leg curl machine. From there, you stand up and lock it at the top like a normal deadlift. Bulgarian Split Squats ; 11. Your quads easily get the most attention of your leg muscles, but there are other … Lying Leg Curl. The stiff leg deadlift is a very popular exercise for hamstring development. One easy way to add weight is to hold a dumbbell or weight plate in front of your chest. Unlike the standard forward lunge, reverse lunges hit your hamstrings much harder given that the driving force of the movement comes from your back leg. Deadlifts are an excellent part of any lower body workout, and so long as you perfect your form you can get a lot out of them. And it’s best done with a friend… to hold your feet. Plus, all you need is a ledge to lie on and you can do them anywhere, anytime. Lying Leg Curls Muscles Worked. You then lean forward, keeping your legs mostly straight with only a slight bend. The ‘how to’ notes are important when it comes to getting the exercise technically right, so make sure you give them a read before trying any of these exercises out! Start by lying with your back on the floor. But the benefits are impressive, and doing it is also simple. One benefit of these is that you only need a set of dumbbells and does not require any special machines or other equipment. Instead of waiting a lifetime, you need a leg curl alternative. You are going to feel the burn, that is for sure! Note, to keep the tension on your hamstring, your leg needs to remain bent at the knee throughout the movement. Want to do lying leg curl without the machine? Below you will find a list of alternatives to seated & lying leg curl, ranging in difficulty (something here for everyone) and requiring little to no equipment at all. The most common weight lifting exercise is also one of the best alternatives to leg curls. Spending too much on leg machines, such as the leg curl and leg extension station, is not an efficient or effective way to train. 5. However, they essentially take your hamstrings through the motion of flexion and extension via bending the knee, as in the leg curl. At the top of the movement, draw your shoulders back and squeeze your glutes. Sign up below for FREE instant access to a report from jump expert Jacob Hiller on how to improve you vertical by 2-6 inches in 45 minutes! There are alternatives to leg curls … But it remains to be a very effective exercise that develops your hamstrings and lower body muscles. Leg curls target the hamstrings on the upper backs of the legs and the glutes of your buttocks. May 21, 2008 #1. There are many other deadlift variations you can do to target your hamstrings, including snatch grip deadlifts. May 21, 2008 #1. I love this exercise, not only because it’s one of the best posterior chain strength exercises there is, but also because it provides endless room for progression. You begin with the kettebell on the ground slightly in front of you, while in a partial squat position. It exactly replicates the movement, but the resistance is applied differently (which makes it harder). Set up like you would for a glute bridge by lying on the ground with your knees bent and feet on the floor. If you don’t already have one, they are an ideal accessory to any home gym, with a never-ending list of exercises that can be done! If you have a machine that is adjustable, you can also switch that up to a more challenging level. The only issue with this exercise is that it would be very difficult to vary the resistance. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Apr 18, 2019 - Explore Shelley Wolf's board "Leg curl" on Pinterest. Single Leg Hip Thrusts Lift your toes off the ground so that you’re on your heels and then take small steps away from your body until your legs are almost straight. 1. As you lean forward, your glutes will move back slightly and you should feel it pulling on your hamstrings. Bent Leg Lifts/Donkey Kicks; 3. 7 Best Seated or Lying Leg Curl Alternatives, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). The single leg Romanian deadlift is another great alternative hamsting exercise to leg curls. Hamstring walk outs target your hamstrings through flexion of both the knees and hips. Some of these alternatives work those same two muscle groups, but why stop there? However, there is so much more to a good set of hamstrings than looking good! Thread starter jayawhite; Start date May 21, 2008; J. jayawhite New member. Mind to muscle connection is everything, and this exercise allows you the level of control and stability that promotes this connection. Leg curls are known to be especially good for building stronger hamstring muscles, but what many people do not realize is that there are other alternative exercises that can be just as useful for improving the strength of their hamstrings. If you’re going to be standing in a queue to use any machine at the gym, it’s likely to be the leg curl machine. Having very tight hamstrings is a major setback to training them effectively. Gliding Leg Curl. Remember, hamstrings form a crucial link in our posterior chain, which is vital for movement, and moreover, pain-free movement. To perform this, you require only one dumbbell, but make sure to choose the right weight.

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