Green Sharptooth. and Sarabi as Littlefoot's Grandparents. Rudy. Gallery: Bob the Builder as Littlefoot. Featherhead Sharpteeth. Yin as Ducky. It is uncertain whether or not this Sharptooth and Mama Sharptooth are one and the same. Ratigan. Derek as Grandpa Longneck. Hookthumb Sharpteeth. Mama. The plot focuses on main characterLittlefoot's admiration … Suri as Ducky. A video game-spoof of 2006's GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Wii "Rampage: Total Destruction". One-Eye sleeping. See all. Please don’t eat me! It had sped away before he could even bark … Cedric as Ozzy. This is the third film in which Ducky is shown crying. she pleaded with the large Sharptooth. Raptors LBT 3. The first time happened in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure when he was fighting Mama Sharptooth at a lake. The Land Before Time is a franchise of Universal Studios animated films centered on dinosaurs. 2 Comments. Gloverboy23. Blitzen. Cream as Cera. Thunderclap's Sharpteeth Army are armies of … Miles Callisto as Petrie. "EagerChomper", as he is called on the official website, and by fans), originally voiced by Rob Paulsen, later Cannon Young, Max Burkholder and now Isaac Brown, is one of the main characters in the Land Before Time franchise, starring in three films as well as the whole TV series. Marie as Ducky. The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock, directed byCharles Grosvenor, is the sixth installment in theLand Before Timefilm series.Originally released direct-to-video in 1998, it has subsequently been released on video and DVD many more times, as well as being periodically aired on several cartoon-based television channels. Gloverboy23 12 1 Littlefoot and Cera hiding from the daleks Animedalek1 23 9 A tickle toy for Mama Sharptooth Gloverboy23 27 10 Battle of the Rexes theblazinggecko 376 161 My Private Time-car DinoRangerMichael 0 0 LBT-The First Humans DinoRangerMichael 3 3 LBT-TF2 'Good Medics' DinoRangerMichael 4 3 Meeting Skitter Gloverboy23 4 2 Littlefoot to the recsue Gloverboy23 12 6 … Littlefoot's Mother (a.k.a. Rainbow Dash as Cera. Emilie Agreste as Mama Sharptooth. Queen Miranda as Mama Swimmer. Sharptooth Swimmer. They are only Sharpteeth who are heroes (alongside Chomper). Send Note. Brown-Orange Sharptooth. Mama Scarface is a gargantuan T-Rex and one of the main antagonists in the Turok 2008 videogame, the other being Roland Kane.. She has a giant bleeding scar on her right eye, which made her go blind on one eye, like Sharptooth.In "The Lost Land" chapter where she first appears, the bleeding scar was there but Turok did not battle her in that chapter. Mama Longneck, as she is referred to as by fans,1), voiced by Helen Shaver, is a character in The Land Before Time film series. King Roland II … Ducky's Mom - Mama Mousekewitz (An American Tail) Petrie's Mother - Jewel (Rio) Ankylosauruses - Gorillas (Tarzan) Lambeosauruses - Gazelles (The Lion King and The Lion Guard) Corythosauruses - Sable Antelopes (The Lion Guard) Mountain Sharptooth - Phango (Khumba) Gallery. Olivia as Ducky. It is uncertain whether or not this Sharptooth and Mama Sharptooth are one and the same. Makini and the strange creature. He is a homicidal Tyrannosaurus rex that seeks to cause death and destruction, and seeks revenge on Littlefoot and the others for damaging his eye. This is the last Land Before Time movie animated with traditional cel animation. She cries twice. One-Eye sets his plan into action. Woody Woodpecker as Petrie. Siri as Plated Sharptooth. Ono as Petrie. The series began in 1988 with The Land Before Time, directed and produced by Don Bluth and executive produced by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.It was followed by a total of thirteen direct-to-video musical sequels and a TV series. Sharptooth is a strong, athletic, and powerful Tyrannosaurus rex and the main antagonist of the first film, injured in pursuit of Littlefoot and Cera, and the slayer of Littlefoot's mother. He is responsible for the death of Littlefoot's mother. Fandom; Gamepedia ; D&D Beyond; Muthead; Futhead; Follow Us. The Land Before Time:Journey to Sharptooth Mountain(also known asThe Land Before Time XV:Journey to Sharptooth Mountain)is an upcoming official direct-to-video animated family adventure featurefilm and the fifteenth film in The Land Before Time series. Spyro and Cynder as Chomper's Parents. Tyra (CJ/Alchemy Entertainment)© Mama Sharptooth (Universal Studios)© Colored and outlined by me 154 Views. Littlefoot dived into the water to save him and brought him back to shore. Home Gallery Favourites Posts Shop About. Jewel as Petrie's Mother. Rurouni Kenshin Wiki. Zazu as Petrie. Mama Sharptooth - Adult Nala (The Lion King; 1994) Ozzy and Strut - Scarface (Animals of the Farthing Wood) and King Voracious (The Foxbusters) Maisaura - Marty (Madagascar) Gallery: Bambi as Littlefoot. Add a photo to this gallery. Disney Adventures: Sat on again. Koda as Chomper. One-Eye pushing a large boulder towards the Ankylosaurus. Snow Sharptooth. R. Rugrats: A Wolf's Revenge. One-Eye spots an Ankylosaurus scratching itself on a rock. You’ll have to try harder than that to outrun Red Claw. Young Tod as Spike. Mama Sharptooth. At the beginning of the film, a Sharptooth with the same coloring scheme as Mama Sharptooth is seen, apparently making a meal out of two Corythosaurus. One-Eye watching Speckles' family succeeding a hunt. The Sharptooth moved toward the Fast Runner. Mufasa. It is unlikely that Sharptooth is his real name, as it is also the name of his species; in production art, he is simply labelled "Tyrannosaurus Rex". One-Eye notices Speckles' family on another hunt. Mama and Papa Sharptooth, eternally grateful, spared Littlefoot and his friends from ever eating them before wishing them goodbye. Sharptooth is the main antagonist of Don Bluth's 3rd animated feature film The Land Before Time and its novelization. The only Sharpteeth who have gained trust from Littlefoot and his pals are Chomper and his parents. and Papa as Ducky's Parents. Gallery. 17 Favourites. Rosita as Cera. Kion as Littlefoot. Zoe as Ducky. Chapter 9 : Spike had missed his shot at getting to the RV. 1 New Happiest Pavilion; 2 Thomas; 3 Sonic the Hedgehog (series)/Characters/Gallery; Explore Wikis Gossip Girl Wiki. In this film, the Canyon Sharptooth knocked him over by kicking him with his foot. Chomper turned his gaze toward him. Trivia. Sailback Sharptooth. Gabriel Agreste as Papa Sharptooth. he laughed. 6 Favorites. Gallery. "Sharptooth" is the Land Before Time name for the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Baby Po as Baby Chomper. Club 57 Wiki. Latest Deviations. Spike as Chomper. Olivia as Ducky. 5 Comments. Grey Sharptooth . Having fallen into a crack in the earth during an earthquake, he remains comatose until awoken by Cera, and thereafter pursues them until the end of the film, wherein they drown him in a lake. Sid the Sloth as Spike. Plated Sharptooth. Dug as Spike. Marie as Cera. Raptors LBT 11. 2 Comments. Plated Sharptooth proved a formidable enemy as he engaged of his opponents separately, slashing at Papa Sharptooth's face with his finger claws and incapacitating Mama Sharptooth by cutting her leg with his toe claws. About; … One-Eye observing the trapped Ankylosaurus before brutally killing it. Thomas O'Malley as Cera's Father. Sharptooth is the main villain from the original Land Before Time movie. Gallery Adrien Agreste as Chomper. The film will bedirected byDavis Doi.Like all otherLand Before Timemovies, it is traditionally-animated. 17 Favourites. Marie as Cera. Hunter as Mr. Thicknose. Browbridge Sharptooth. Fan Feed More Scratchpad. But the Plated Sharptooth swept Chomper with them in the process. She is an Apatosaurus; one of many sauropods referred to as "Longneck" in the franchise, and the late mother of the main protagonist, the late wife of his father Bron, and the late daughter of Grandma and Grandpa Longneck. Kion as Littlefoot. Sharptooth is the main antagonist in the 1988 animated film The Land Before Time. (Mr.) Sharptooth is a large male1 Tyrannosaurus Rex,2 who is the main antagonist in The Land Before Time. Sid the Sloth as Spike. There you are. Overview. It was released direct-to-video on December 13, 1994; six years after the theatrical release of the first. Outlined Mama Sharptooth and with Tyra's colors (from Dino Time) to make her as the style of "The Land Before Time". It is unlikely that Sharptooth is his real name as it is also the name of his species, in production art, it is simply labeled "Tyrannosaurus Rex". Mama Sharptooth - Koda's Mother and Bear Nita (Brother Bear 1\2) Grandpa and Grandma Longneck - Dialga and Aurorus (Pokemon) Cera's Father - Pegasus (Hercules) Ducky's Mother - Plio (Dinosaur) Petrie's Mother - Stella (The Angry Birds Movie) Gallery: Arlo as Littlefoot. I do not want to be eaten. Watch. Soren as Petrie. Explore properties. Incidentally, a dark green Sharptooth resembling Papa Sharptooth was seen at the beginning of The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, the Sharptooth family's first appearance. Papa Sharptooth then re-engaged him and eventually managed to knock him off the edge of the cliff, sending him plummeting into the Big Water below. Raptors LBT 7. Odette as Grandma Longneck. Zazu as Petrie. Chomper saw that the Sharptooth was a Two Claw like himself. Gloverboy23. Bayleef as Spike. Young Peaches as Cera. Haruna Kitumba as Spike. The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure is a film in the The Land Before Time series. He is also the archenemy of Littlefoot and his friends. Mama Sharptooth - Koda's Mother\Nita (Bear; Brother Bear) Grandpa and Grandma Longneck - Fox and Vixen (The Animals of Farthing Wood) Cera's Father - Bigwig (Watership Down) Ducky's Mom - Duchess (The Aristocats) Petrie's Mother - Marella (Legend of the Guardians) Gallery: Young Tod as Littlefoot. Horned Sharptooth. Gallery Swimming Sharptooth - Dragon (Skunk Fu!) Future films and the TV series are animated with digital ink and paint. Rugrats: A Wolf's Revenge. Lord Rothbart as Strut . Sharptooth is the main villain of The Land Before Time and one of the most dangerous villains of Multi-Universe. Phoebe Callisto as Mama Flyer. and Mitzi as Grandpa and Grandma Longneck. It is the first of many animated sequels to the original film, The Land Before Time. Chomper(a.k.a.

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